Free Youtube Guitar Tutorials

James Delaney BY JAMES DELANEY 10 AUGUST 2021
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While many who want to learn guitar spend their time on YouTube looking for free guitar lessons, many guitarists would gladly pay for something more structured, a head-and-tail learning system. TrueFire is a great option, with more lessons, tabs and songs tutorials than you will really need, presented by a selection of well-trained instructors who have a well-developed guitar teaching system.

On YouTube you can find free guitar lessons. But is it worth?

From the financial point of view, Youtube seems to be the right place to learn to play guitar, because there are millions of free guitar videos. You can try it, but 90% of those videos are usually bad, made (most of them) by wanna-be instructors, without teaching experience (sau: inexperienced guitar teachers), so you will spent a big part of your practice time hunting for good videos. Nothing is connected so you'll never know where to go next, making all the learning process very frustrating. Also, (many of) them don't teach you the right way to play, so the beginners and even intermediates can learn bad techniques that are hard to correct later on, making everything harder to play than it should be.