Learn to Play Electric Guitar

The Ultimate Guide of Playing Electric Guitar for Beginners in 8 Essential Steps
James Delaney BY JAMES DELANEY 13 OCTOBER 2021
Learn to Play Electric Guitar
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May I start with an electric guitar or do I have to learn to play the acoustic guitar first?

You like rock music, solo guitar and rhythm guitar, melodicity and feeling offered by artists and bands that play melodic rock music or electric blues, but also the brute force behind the sound wall created by the electric guitars of the bands that play heavy-metal and other harder branches of metal music. And so a few well-founded questions arise for a beginner who wants to start learning electric guitar: What should I learn to play first? Acoustic guitar or electric guitar? If my goal is to learn to play the electric guitar, would it be OK to start with the electric guitar?

Long story short, the answer is yes, you can start learning to play electric guitar. If your desire is to play the electric guitar and to become (eventually) a rock star, you don't necessarily need to start learning to play the acoustic guitar and only then switch to the electric guitar. Although an electric guitar has an entire ecosystem with which it can be used and may seem overwhelming to a beginner, the reward is commensurate, and when concrete results begin to appear, the feeling of satisfaction is fantastic.

Because of the differences in construction between the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar and the way they each sound, there are quite big differences between starting to learn to play the acoustic versus electric guitar.

The electric guitar has thinner and softer strings than the acoustic guitar, so from this point of view it is an optimal starting point for a beginner because it requires less pressing force, so he can better focus on the techniques of the guitar.

On the other hand, if you start learning to play the acoustic guitar, it is cheaper because it does not require additional equipment, and the transition to the electric guitar will be easier because the player will be accustomed to the stronger strings specific to the acoustic guitar. However, when you first learn to play the acoustic guitar, the start-up period can be more frustrating, as clear sound and visible results will be more difficult to achieve. 

Whether you want to have the world at your feet becoming a great guitarist or you just want to learn for your own satisfaction and to feel good practicing your favorite hobby, we will present you a guide in 8 essential steps that will help you you are fulfilling your dream.

1. Find a suitable electric guitar for you

2. Choose the right minimal equipment with which you can start playing

3. Build the electric guitar setup

4. Learn the basics: Fretboard notes, basic chords and elementary music theory

5. Improve your playing style: Find the online guitar lesson platform that suits you best

6. Start playing your favorite songs (the ones that contain the easiest riffs to play)

7. Listen to your favorite guitarists and try to reproduce their style

8. Try to play with other musicians (or sync with other tools, like a rhytm drum machine)

9/10/11/12 and so on: Practice, practice, practice